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Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra
Bilkent Concert Hall
27 June 2024 - Thursday, 20:00
Atay Bağcı, conductor
Bilge Doğru, soprano
Elif Naz Ateş, soprano
Efe Sağıroğluları, marimba
Ada Kuruşçu, violin

A. Dvořák | Serenade for Wind Instruments, Op. 44, I. Moderato, quasi marcia
W. A. Mozart | Cosi Fan Tutte, "Una donna a quindici anni" Aria
J. Strauss II | Die Fledermaus, "Mein Herr Marquis" Aria
E. Séjourné | Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Strings, I. Movement
C. Saint-Saëns | Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 28
P. I. Tchaikovsky | Serenade for Strings in C Major Op. 48
BSO & Fazıl Say
Bilkent Odeon
29 June 2024 - Saturday, 20:00
Murat Cem Orhan, conductor
Fazıl Say, piano

L. van Beethoven | Egmont Overture Op.84
C. Saint-Saëns | Piano Concerto No.2, Op.22
A. Dvořák | Symphony No.8, Op.88
The Flying Orchestra
Bilkent Odeon
07 September 2024 - Saturday, 20:00
Howard Griffiths, conductor
Öznur Serçeler, narrator

Cartoon Soundtrakcs
Cartoon Collections * Ratatouille * Jungle Book * Mickey Mouse March * Frozen * Chicken Run

H. Griffiths | The Flying Orchestra

How would you like to go on a glorious musical journey accompanied by a flying orchestra?

Here is the story of the Flying Orchestra!

This beautiful fairy tale, animated with enchanting illustrations, will be accompanied by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra and performed by Öznur Serçeler at Bilkent Odeon!

So what awaits you at this concert? A "Grumpy" dwarf with a penchant for cruel jokes, a flying orchestra traveling through time on witches' broomsticks, and Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini and Tchaikovsky from the glorious composers of music history! Not to forget the Maestro, the conductor, and the Witch who loves to play the violin. While listening to this wonderful fairy tale performed by Öznur Serçeler accompanied by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, you will feel the magic of music that adds happiness to our lives in your heart!
The Lord of The Rings
Bilkent Odeon
21 September 2024 - Saturday, 20:00
Can Okan, conductor
Saygun Philharmonic Choir
Çiğdem Aytepe, choirmaster

The Fellowship of the Ring | A Knife in the Dark
The Fellowship of the Ring | Concerning Hobbits
The Fellowship of the Ring | The Bridge of Khazad Dum
The Fellowship of the Ring | The Prophecy
The Fellowship of the Ring | The Shadow of the Past
The Two Towers | The Riders of Rohan
The Two Towers | Evenstar
The Two Towers | Isengard Unleashed
The Two Towers | Gollum's Song
The Two Towers | Forth Eorlingas
The Return of the King | Hope and Memory
The Return of the King | Minas Tirith
The Return of the King | The Fields of the Pelennor
The Return of the King | The White Tree
Peter and The Wolf
Bilkent Odeon
29 September 2024 - Sunday, 15:00
Can Okan, conductor
Yekta Kopan, narrator
Beril Ece Güney, piano
İlkyaz Günaydın, piano

C. Saint-Saëns | The Carnival of the Animals
S. Prokofiev | Peter and The Wolf

Chickens and roosters, wild donkeys, elephants, turtles, fossils, donkeys, kangaroos, cuckoos, aquariums and swans are waiting for you in the parade starting with the king of the forests, the lion in the "Carnival of the Animals", a humorous musical work by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

And who is afraid of the treacherous wolf?

In the second half of the concert, "Peter and the Wolf", written by Sergei Prokofiev and described as "a symphonic fairy tale for children", will be narrated by the famous writer and voice actor Yekta Kopan. There are many lessons to be learnt from this gripping story where the characters are represented by different instruments in the orchestra :)
The Planets
Bilkent Odeon
05 October 2024 - Saturday, 20:00
Romain Dumas, conductor
Umut Yıldız, narrator

G. Holst | The Planets, Op.32

Have you ever thought what it would be like if the planets had a composition?

British composer Gustav Holst's "The Planets", which represents all the known planets of the Solar System as seen from Earth at the time and their related astrological characters, including Jupiter and Mars, is accompanied by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra and narrated by astrophysicist Umut Yıldız.
Season Opening Concert- Opera Gala
Bilkent Concert Hall
12 October 2024 - Saturday, 20:00
Romain Dumas, conductor
Eleanor Lyons, soprano

W. A. Mozart | Ouverture "Nozze di Figaro"
G. Donizetti | Don Pasquale - Quel guardo il cavaliere - So anch’io la virtù magica
J. Offenbach | Ouverture "Fille du tambour-major"
G. Verdi | Ernani "Surta è la notte"
P. Mascagni | Intermezzo "Cavalleria Rusticana"
V. Bellini | I Puritani "Son vergin vezzosa"
A. Ponchielli | La Gioconda "Danse des heures"
G. Rossini | Ouverture "La Gazza Ladra"
G. Verdi | Rigoletto "Caro nome"
J. Offenbach | La Grande "Duchesse de Gérolstein"
J. Offenbach | Les oiseaux dans la charmille
G. Bizet | Jeux d’enfant "Le bal, galop"
C. Gounod | Roméo et Juliette "Je veux vivre"
Concert of The Republic Day of Türkiye
Bilkent Odeon
27 October 2024 - Sunday, 15:00
Tolga Atalay Ün, conductor
Bilkent Choir
BLIS-Bilkent Laboratory&International School
İDV Özel Bilkent Schools
BİLKENT Music Preparatory School

F. Tüzün | Esintiler, Final, 3.30 min.
U. C. Erkin | Sinfonietta, III. Bölüm, 5 min.
A. A. Saygun | Suite, Meşeli, 3 min
C. R. Rey | Türkiye - Movements VIII, IX, X
Anthems of The Republic of Türkiye